Our Path to God


Life's Lessons

Ideals to Consider

Live in harmony with people, creatures, and nature.
Learn to love yourself, others, and all the wonders of nature.
Learn all you can then teach all you know to those who ask and/or want your help.
Plan your life carefully and spend your time wisely.
Lead by example, remembering that actions speak louder than words.
Dream of and work toward creating a better world.
Take responsibility for your life and the consequences of your actions.
Believe in yourself and in others. Help only those who want your help.
Respect yourself and take care of your health.
Respect other people's paths. Your truth is your own, and not everything that works for you will necessarily be right for others.
Appreciate everything you have, have achieved and have learned. Take time to feel thankful for the people, animals and beauty in your life.

Find Peace by Living in the Present Moment

The simplest way to find inner peace is to focus on living in the present. Fear and pain come when we continually fret over the past or fear what may happen in the future. Inner peace comes when we focus on being present and living in a state of love and peace.

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